03 November 2010

this is so funny :)

i got this on omg.com
cool right?

29 October 2010

This Could Be You

"Which type of girl do you like?"
someone asked that question to me last week,and everything around me was like frozen
and i couldnt find the words to tell her.

the next day,thinking about the questions and i got the answer-"hey,i takisah dpt perempuan macam mana pun.janji baik and masuk pala dgn i dan family-family i yg gilagila tu :)"

wish could watch this movie with you ;(
and im so sorry sbb bt you marah haritu

26 October 2010

Welcome to The Parawhore,newbie

Last tuesday,its all happened

KUALA LUMPUR: If one word could sum up last evening’s ‘Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur 2010’ concert — borrowing from the band’s 2007 album title — it was an absolute Riot!

Although the concert was officially slated to start at 8.30pm, fans had begun to swarm into the National Stadium at Bukit Jalil hours before, swelling into a 15,000-strong crowd of emo- and pop-punks and rockers.

Even before the curtain was raised, the crowd was cheering loudly, already primed for the Tennessee-based band.

With the sight of lead guitarist Josh Farro, bassist Jeremy Davis, drummer Zac Farro and guitarist Taylor York on stage, the mostly young audience shrieked hysterically. But the screams only got louder as Paramore’s front woman Hayley Williams took to the microphone and began the show.

The first number Ignorance, taken from their latest album Brand New Eyes, sent the audience wild and the momentum continued through the next few songs.

IT'S A RIOT! Despite a slightly late start, Paramore totally rocked the crowd at Bukit Jalil stadium on last tuesday

When the band began performing one of their biggest hits That's What You Get, the roof nearly came down as the crowd exploded with excitement. The song was greeted with an excited crowd sing-a-long and more cheers.

Then, Williams’ effortless performance of Careful got everyone clapping to the beat. The 21-year-old continued to sing energetically, attacking the band’s music with such gusto and pleasure, not showing signs that she was infected with laryngitis just last year.

It was amazing to note the band didn't have so much of a breather between songs, despite their physically exhausting performance.

Williams endeared herself to the crowd when she confessed the band should have come here much earlier, judging from the overwhelming support. "I wish America could see this now. This is far out!" she said, much to the delight of her fans.

Williams then showed off her prowess when she sang Decode from the soundtrack of the hit film Twilight. A Twilight-buff herself, Williams flawlessly performed the song of love, tension, anger and confusion — and the fans showed their appreciation with a thunderous applause.

After rocking it hard, the group got the audience to slow down and in the mood for love, with lighters, glow sticks and lit cellphone screens waving and sparkling like little stars in the crowd as they went unplugged and went acoustic, performing their popular and lesser known slow numbers like Never Let This Go, When It Rains and The Only Exception.

Even when Williams' microphone went offline for a while midway through Misguided Ghosts, and despite no explanations given, the crowd simply continued to have fun with the next song.

For the encore, Williams managed to get the entire stadium to join the familiar “Ba da ba ba da ba ba da” chorus with her when she sang the infectious number Brick By Boring Brick and Misery Business before ending the show about 10pm.

Most of the songs that night came from Brand New Eyes, the group’s third album, which was released late last year, and their second album Riot!, which sold more than two million copies worldwide.

This was Paramore’s first performance in Malaysia. 'Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur 2010' was presented by prepaid mobile service Tune Talk.

and here some pictures of me :)


and i bought her Paramore's shirt :)

28 August 2010